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aries - phoenix imageThe Phoenix Ultra High-purity Lab Water System from Aries FilterWorks delivers Type I, 18.2 Megohm water quality on demand. The water is purified using a staged purification process which includes high-purity ion exchange resins to remove dissolved minerals and internal recirculation to maintain purity. As the water exits the system, a final filter removes particulates and bacteria to reach Type I water specifications. Additional technologies are offered depending on the application, including UV and Ultrafiltration. Multiple sensors continuously monitor the system and final water quality to ensure trouble free operation.

The Phoenix system is pre-configured into four application specific models:

  • Phoenix Academy (base model): Basic Chemistry, Academic, IC, Buffers
  • Phoenix Citation (with 185/254 nm UV): HPLC, GC-MS, Trace Organics
  • Phoenix Biochem (with UF): Life Science, Cell Culture, Microbiology
  • Phoenix Genome (with UV/UF): DNA Sequencing, PCR, Electrophoresis

Features & Benefits:

  • MICROPROCESSOR OPERATION AND CONTROL - ntuitive touch screen with programmable batch dispense for various container sizes. Real-time quality monitoring, system operation and alerts
  • COMPACT DESIGN AND REMOTE DISPENSE OPTION - Saves valuable lab space and system can be factory-configured to be stored under the counter with a remote dispensing module
  • QUICK CHANGE CARTRIDGE DESIGN - Uses a quick release levers to disengage both the conditioning cartridge and the polishing cartridge. No tools required
  • LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP - Large capacity cartridges use our own QC controlled resins which are made in the USA. Streamlined manufacturing provides better affordability
  • LEAK DETECTION SENSOR - Automatically shuts down the unit safely in the event of an alarm condition, this feature is standard with every system



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